BCPS Vex Tournament – Open division

11/19 was not a banner day for 3077 as a whole. We did not win a round all day, but there was some clear bright spots. We used our two newest members as our drive team most of the day and they did very well for rookies. I’m looking forward to some great driving from them as they get more experience.

A couple of times our bot tipped over, once in autonomous and once right at the beginning of driver control. We had some technical issues (did you know you CAN burn out a Vex 2 wire motor) that cost us during the day. But the team really pitched in as a team to try to solve the issues quickly.

We did have a great chance to use our new scouting form. I was great and printing it on cardstock was a great idea for increasing durability during the event. One team even asked to have one so they could create a better scouting form for themselves. 

Next event is in two short weeks!

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