Team 3077 Season Update 1

On December 8th Zinc Iridium was honored to host the second qualifier day for the Southern Maryland VEX league. With 22 teams attending, the cafeteria at the King’s Christian Academy was full of hard working students. Team 3077 went 6-2 for the day which put us 4th in the league rankings (30 teams) after two days of qualifiers. The next qualifier day is January 5th @ Patuxent High School.

On December 15th 3077 attended the FTC Southern Maryland Qualifier at the Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center host by our friends FTC 2843 – Under the Son. Team 3077 had another good day winning 3 matches out of 6. Two other matches ended in 0-0 ties due to penalties. All said and done we were 4th out of the field of 16 teams and were selected to join team 4452 the Wolverines from Watkins Mills High School on the 3rd seed alliance.

We were beat by the 2nd seed alliance in the semi-finals but had a great day. Team 3077 was also a finalist for the Rockwell Collins Innovate Award, but did not bring home any trophy’s. Our next FTC Qualifier is January 12th the the US Naval Academy!

Great Job KCA Robotics!

NW Maryland VEX wrapup

A good day for team 3077. We ended the day 4-3 and the robot performed well all day. Team spirit was very high and it showed every match. Thanks to team 4300B for picking us to join the 8th seed alliance. 3077 was privileged to play all three matches of the quarterfinal round against the first seed alliance. Even though we were able to win the first match we were overwhelmed the second two matches and were eliminated.

AND we received a special Judges award highlighting or team spirit, robot performance and helpfulness to other teams!

Info Session Friday!

Join the KCA Upper School Robotics team for snacks, fun, information and watch the VEX Robotics Competition 2012-2013 Game reveal Live from Anaheim, CA.

Friday April 20th 7:30pm—10 pm KCA Room 307— Parents Welcome

Please RSVP to Mr. Toney by noon April 20th via email at
This event is open to all current 8th-11 graders. Current 6th & 7th graders see Mr. Toney for eligibility.

BCPS Vex Tournament – Open division

11/19 was not a banner day for 3077 as a whole. We did not win a round all day, but there was some clear bright spots. We used our two newest members as our drive team most of the day and they did very well for rookies. I’m looking forward to some great driving from them as they get more experience.

A couple of times our bot tipped over, once in autonomous and once right at the beginning of driver control. We had some technical issues (did you know you CAN burn out a Vex 2 wire motor) that cost us during the day. But the team really pitched in as a team to try to solve the issues quickly.

We did have a great chance to use our new scouting form. I was great and printing it on cardstock was a great idea for increasing durability during the event. One team even asked to have one so they could create a better scouting form for themselves. 

Next event is in two short weeks!